AB 1244 (Chesbro) Fact Sheet



The Self-Determination Program has the potential to provide short and long-term cost savings to the state, while giving regional center clients flexibility within a capitated service budget as an alternative to the traditional service system and limitations in regional center purchase authority.

Quality Outcomes

The Self-Determination Program will be designed to promote and be evaluated against core quality outcomes based on universal human aspirations:

  • Welfare, health and safety,
  • Living in a place called home,
  • Meaningful participation and membership in their own community,
  • Reciprocal long-term relationships,
  • Generating private income, through typical jobs in regular employment settings or through self-employment,
  • Access to or control over transportation.


Robb Layne
Office of Assemblyman Wesley Chesbro
(916) 319-2001 office
(916) 319-2101 fax

Program Summary

Self-Determination Program Summary:Participation in the Self-Determination Program will be voluntary. Participants will receive a budget allocation computed in a fair, transparent and equitable manner. The allocation for all people in the program will, in aggregate, be 10% less than historical costs (7.5% dedicated to program costs, with the remaining unused funds returned to the State General Fund, and 2.5% to a risk pool).

To support participants in planning, budgeting, and locating community, employment, and life supports, people will use service brokers who are freely chosen and conflict of interest-free. The budget allocation will be held and dispersed through a conflict of interest-free fiscal management service.

People will be able to spend their allocation on a wide range of supports and services, including but not limited to, hiring their own workers, purchasing goods and services, and negotiating for innovative services from traditional regional center vendors.

People shall have the right to utilize their allocation to hire workers of their choice, supervise, direct, schedule, evaluate, train, and terminate employees. The State shall support the quality, availability and stability of direct support workers by establishing a base compensation package to ensure decent pay standards for workers hired directly by participants. Workers hired directly by the participant will have a means to represent their interests to the state. Advocates and program participants will advise the state over program design, implementation, and workforce issues.

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