AB 1244

AB 1244 by Assemblymember Wes Chesbro (D-North Coast) gave people hope. AB 1244 would have given each regional center client the CHOICE to keep the services they have now OR to choose Self-Determination.

Despite an outpouring of support from families and advocates, AB 1244, Self-Determination, was withdrawn from consideration on June 28.

Senator Roderick Wright of Inglewood (310-412-0393) effectively blocked the bill from moving out of Senate Human Services Committee.

Most of the opposition to AB 1244 was based on FEAR. Agency executives afraid of losing business as families and consumers have greater choice and control over their services. Fear of workers organizing to protect and expand Self-Determination. And fear based on misinformation disseminated by the opposition.

But AB 1244 was based on HOPE. Self-Determination embodies hope for a better future, a life of dignity and promise. The regional center system has lead to extraordinary progress for people with developmental disabilities and their families. Yet there are those who need a change. For families and people with developmental disabilities who are struggling to get the services they need, for those who want to gain greater control over their lives, for those who want support for finding employment, AB 1244 offered hope. And AB 1244 offered hope that workers and the people they supported could have joined with advocates to protect and improve the Self-Determination program over time.

AB 1244 lit the flame, inspiring families and consumers with a new vision for a self-determined life. Now is the time to build on that momentum!

Sign the petition to support Self-Determination and let us know that you will help as we move forward to pass Self-Determination over the next twelve months!

Assemblymember Chesbro has an enduring commitment to Self-Determination so that people with developmental disabilities are able to pursue their dreams in the ways that they choose. He looks forward to working with all of us in the coming year to make Self-Determination a reality.

The Service Employees International Union has been pleased to work with Disability Rights California, the State Council on Developmental Disabilities, the Autism Society of Los Angeles, many more organizations, and ALL of you to give people the dignity of that choice.

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