Self-Determination Pilot Projects: Real people, real lives 2/7

“Through Self-Determination I learned to use a computer, and then I bought a computer, because that would help me get a job.  I used my Self-Determination budget to pay for childcare, so I could volunteer on local advocacy boards, network and get to know people.  That helped me get a job at East LA Regional Center.  My service broker brought her little daughter in to visit me in my new office.  She sat down on my chair and put her fingers on the keyboard.  And she told her mom, ‘When I grow up, I want to get a job too, just like Maria!’  I felt so proud.”

“Self-Determination gave me the tools to prepare for, search for, and get a good job.  I was able to get off of welfare and pull myself out of poverty.  Once I had one good job, I could get others.  Now I work at Disability Rights California helping other people with developmental disabilities.”

East Los Angeles Regional Center Self-Determination Pilot

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