Self-Determination Pilot Projects: Real people, real lives 7/7

Mei and Carol

“We’ve been friends for a long time. Our sons have grown up with Self-Determination. We find that with Self-Determination, we can think outside the box. Self-Determination is truly person centered, because everything we purchase is all about James and William.”
East Los Angeles Self-Determination Pilot

“William is very energetic, he can’t sit still. But with Self-Determination he can be part of his community. We use his budget to hire a tutor to go with him bowling, to restaurants, the gym. When he’s out there, the tutor coaches him on how to act in public. To do that, it has to be the right tutor. And William loves to run – it is a real safety issue. So we have to be able to trust the tutor. With Self-Determination, if the tutor isn’t working out, we can make a change right away, and find the right person for William.”
— Mei

“The wonderful thing about Self-Determination is that it takes away a lot of the stress! James needs a lot of support; with self-determination, we can make sure he gets the services that are necessary for him to live life as a full and active member of his community. By hiring personal assistants and tutors we are able to give James the opportunity to approximate the pattern of everyday living of nondisabled peers. “
— Carol

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