Dave Mulvey (left) and Assemblymember Wes Chesbro, the author of AB 1244.

David Mulvey. Past Chair and Eric Stern, Current chair of the SEIU CA Developmental Disabilities Concil meet with Assembly Member Wes Chesboro to discuss the impact of budget cuts on Regional Center Caseload.

The SEIU CA Developmental Disabilities Council has been working together with ARCA and other members of the Lanterman Coalition to promote budgetary reform that would once again connect the budgeting / rate setting process with the actual cost of providing services. We are asking the legislature to begin the process this year by making a commitment to a multi-year process of annual across the board budget increases, while once again developing the data needed to assess the real cost of providing services to Californians with Developmental Disabilities and adopting a budgeting / rate system that reflects those costs.

Latterman Coalition

Lanterman Coalition

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