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Supporting People, Supporting Communities

The California SEIU Developmental Disabilities Council was formed in 2007 and is made up of direct support and regional center workers at our 16 DD agencies across the state. Prior to 2007, nearly all DD chapters in California were unified through a subcommittee of legacy Local 535. Since the formation of the “21” locals would result in breaking up Local 535, the hearing officer overseeing the process recommended the formation of “industry councils” to preserve the statewide coordination within an industry. The hearing officer specifically used the DD chapters as the example to justify this recommendation. This Council, through hard work and strategic actions by member leaders has steadily increased our recognition as a leader in our industry. This Committee is committed to increasing union density and improving the wages and conditions of workers in the field of Developmental Disability while supporting dignity, respect, and quality services to the people we serve.
Chapters currently participating in the SEIU CA Developmental Disabilities Council include:
From SEIU Local 1021 The Arc of San Francisco, The Arc of Alameda County, The Arc of Amador and Calaveras, East Bay Innovations, California Autism Foundation. Mission Hope. Alta Regional Center, Far Northern Regional Center. North Bay Regional Center. Regional Center of the East Bay. Valley Mountain Regional Center
From SEIU Local 521 San Andreas Regional Center, Hope Rehabilitation Services, Kern Regional Center
From SEIU Local 721 Tri-Counties Regional Center, North L.A. County Regional Center, Harbor Regional Center
The Service Employees International Union is the fastest-growing union in North America, focused on uniting workers in the key service sectors to improve their lives and the services they provide. The 2.2 million members united in SEIU across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico work in three key service industries: healthcare, public services and property services. In Califiornia, over 700,000 people have united with SEIU.

Nationally, the SEIU program of Supporting People, Supporting Communities is dedicated to uniting mental health and developmental disability professionals with advocates and the individuals we serve to realize our shared vision for well-funded, high quality human services.

Over 250,000 SEIU members are committed to supporting people with developmental and psychiatric disabilities so they can live fulfilling lives as part of their communities in ways that they choose. We believe the well-being of workers and the people we support are inextricably linked. This principle informs our values and our actions.

As the backbone of human service delivery, SEIU members work side by side with disability and mental health advocates to preserve and increase needed funding for critical services.

Along with advocates, SEIU members have been a leading voice to advance the most progressive models of service delivery to maximize individual control over their lives – including the supports and treatments they receive.

We also believe high quality supports and services depend on ensuring decent wages and benefits to attract and retain experienced human service professionals.

By uniting in Supporting People, Supporting Communities, we can work toward our shared belief in justice for all. That means full human and civil rights for everyone in our communities, improved funding for the supports and services we need, and better jobs to keep skilled human service workers in the profession.

Find out more about SEIU’s national program to improve services for those living with developmental disabilities.

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